Ruxz_M-rbu5hJUPoenSULdy6Wzk The Science of My Life: July 2012

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Geology of Southern Idaho CSI Course

I was studying our Fall courses today at the Mini-Cassia Center, and Tim's class really caught my eye.  This is my kind of class, and I am planning to take it.  This is a perfect class for teachers since it is once a week, after school, with no textbook.  Field trips are involved as well.  No brainer!!  Share this class with your colleagues and I will see you in the Geology classroom!

W 4:30 PM-6:50 PM8/27/2012 - 12/20/2012Mini Cassia Center, Mini Cassia Center, B11
Course Description
This course explores the geologic processes that have formed the unique and varied landscape of southern Idaho. The course will examine important events and/or topics related to the geologic development of southern Idaho such as the Yellowstone "hot spot", the 1983 Borah Peak earthquake, recent volcanism in the Snake River Plain, groundwater in southern Idaho, the Bonneville Flood, Ice Age glaciers, and landslides in the Snake River Canyon. The course will include required field trips to local areas of geologic interest.

Migrant Summer School Visits

I was happy to visit some great kids again this summer.  Last week I talked about moon geology with about 60 smart and excited kids.  I am including my favorite activity from that visit, although I think the students would vote on oreo moon phases. 

Today our topic was habitats.  The teaches reminded me that most of these students have never been to a zoo, and few have been farther than our city parks.  So we made lists of animals that they commonly see in their yards and talked about why those animals are there.  I was grateful that I could refer to Diego, Dora's cousin, because some of those wild animals were familiar to them. We brought out the food web cards and got everyone involved in that vocabulary.  Another good reminder to teachers involves the Pocatello Zoo.  They lend out their animal trunks to teachers, and those trunks are chuck full of hands-on activities, samples, hides and claws and posters and teaching materials.  Great resource!!!

Moon Flip Book:

Use a large Styrofoam ball, play ball or balloon for this moon model. Paint half of the selected model with black paint. Have the kids sit in a circle and place the ball in the middle, securing it so it doesn't move. Provide each child with a sheet of black construction paper and a piece of chalk. The students draw the moon as they see on the paper. Because the kids are sitting in different positions, the resulting pictures will look slightly different, resembling the phases of the moon. Stack the pictures in order. Staple them together to create a flip book that depicts the changing of the moon's phases

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Robots and Rockets at Science Camp

Another great connection we made at the TF Science Camp was with FIRST robotics!  The Herrett Center was hosting the Livewire Team from Pocatello for a workshop, and some of our campers went over to see their FRC robot and get a little storytime.  Later in the week, the Tesla FTC Team from  TF brought their robot for another demonstration.  It was great to see both programs, and we know there will be more teams in the future throughout the Magic Valley.  During the Burley Science Camp, we got to see the Declo High School Bottwired team and their robot.  All of these teams work so hard and learn a great deal about Gracious Professionalism, as well as Engineering!

And of course we made some cool rockets that we launched with super simple stomp rockets.  I will post the instructions this week so you can make these at way to enjoy the rest of summer! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Science Camp Goes to the Observatory

I will share as many pictures as I can from Camp, and this blog entry will share our day with Chris Anderson, the very coolest astronomer at CSI!  I am also including some info about Dark Skies events at Pomerelle tomorrow and City of Rocks in August.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Science Camp Going Strong!!

We are 2 days in and having a great time!!  We have about 100 kids in Twin Falls and a great group in Gooding.  Here are a few highlights from Dr. Shropshire's visit today...the kids loved the stations.  The student union hasn't been that rowdy since Spring Term ended!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pomerelle Star Party Coming UP July 21

WEll, the STEM in Space camps in Twin Falls and Gooding are next week, and we have so many fun activities planned for kids K-7.   Following a great week of camp, we are happy to support the Pomerelle Star Party on Mt Harrison.  See you there!

Pomerelle Star Pary July 21 - Pomerelle's Annual Star Party will be July 21. Special telescopes will be set up for solar viewing from 3-5:30pm at the lodge. Kids can make and launch their own water bottle rockets. A night sky talk will be from 7:30-8:30pm in the lodge and star gazing goes from 8:30pm-12midnight. Ride the triple chair to the top of the mountain for great views of the night sky and telescope viewing. Chris Anderson (CSI Herrett Center) and Terry Wofford (Magic Valley Astronomical Society) will provide all the astronomical information and telescopes. Cost to ride the lift is $8 for ages 13+, $5 for ages 7-12 and children 6 and under are free when accompanied by a parent. Call 673.5599 for more information.     

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Robotics Workshop at CSI Herrett Center next week!

Just in case you are not attending the TF Science Camp...can't imagine that scenario, but it could happen, then this is also a GREAT activity and it supports some great kids!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Area Students Selected for Aerospace Program

Here is a look at what these awesome students have been doing in the ISAS Program.  This is such a great opportunity for high school juniors throughout the state.  We are so glad that one of our Declo High School boys chose to participate!  Go Charles!!

Area Students Selected for Aerospace Program

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Updated with Pictures: KMVT visit about the Family STEM Class in Burley: Food Science

Bring the whole family young and old for a fun and hands on night of FOOD SCIENCE! This is one night where mom and dad won’t tell you not to play with your food. This class will also contain a short introduction to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)and give you some suggestions on how to incorporate STEM concepts into your family’s routine and conversations.
Instructor: Bill Ebener
Fee: $9 per person including supplies

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stanley Fish Hatchery

Over the weekend, we visited our son who is working at a Scout Camp outside of Stanley.  What a beautiful place to be!  On the way home, we stopped at the Stanley Fish Hatchery...a place I have always wanted to visit.  The salmon are just weeks away from returning to Idaho streams.  Totally amazing!