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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Idaho STEM Action Center gets funding

This past week, I attended a  town hall style meeting with Governor Butch Otter.  The event was informative to the few community members that spent the day listening to updates in a variety of state and local issues.  But the strongest impression I had was that our state runs on SCIENCE!  I say this because the critical state issues that we must understand before we can legislate are ALL based on our natural resources.  Water quality, agriculture, biodiversity, energy, public health, and education (because kids are natural resources too!) are more than STEM subjects.  They directly influence our economy, our tourism, our ability to attract families, teachers, and businesses that can strengthen our state of Idaho.

I am interested to better understand how we educate our community leaders, who will grow up to become our state leaders, in these science-based concepts.    Science literacy should continue to be a priority for all of us that spend time and energy on science education.    This newly approved STEM Action Center will hopefully impact our efforts across the state.  Of course we need state wide science fairs, that is music to my ears....but I am excited to see more than events and conferences.   I will follow this new office closely.  I am glad I got to meet the Governor this week.  My days working for CSI are full of surprises and opportunities!