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Sunday, October 14, 2012

October is a great month for Science!

This week we have two of my favorite activities on deck.  On Tuesday, Dialogue for Kids will air their monthly episode and the theme is Sound.  Last May we had a great day at the Discovery Center in Boise, and one of the stations taught kids how to "hear" music in their heads.  Right now I am listening to one child read, another play the recorder, and a third practice the flute.  Since it is a Sunday night, I can also hear a football game on TV.  Imagine your world without sound.

On Thursday is the Great Idaho Shake-Out.  At 10:18 AM, you are invited to do an Earthquake Drill at school, work, or home.  I plan to hold a drill at my school, and since I am like a Principal, maybe I can get the teachers to cooperate.  We will see.  Register your group today and then get ready to drop, cover, and hold on!

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