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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Home Schoolers Visit CSI for Science

Yesterday I had fun with a great group of students of all ages.  I was asked to present to some home-schooled kids, and I was so glad they asked me to visit with them for awhile.  Secretly, I wish I could do what some families have made the decision to do...educate their children in a way that best fits their children's needs.  The friends that have sacrificed and fought for their children in this way are such heroes to me.  Anyway, I did my Fun with Fluids show, and made a mess.

We covered cohesion, air pressure, buoyancy, mixtures, density, and change.  My favorites still have to be the bouncing egg, the poppers, the lava lamp, and of course, Oobleck.  I emphasize with each activity that science is not magic, and there are reasons why water especially is the coolest molecule out there.   As kids get older, they are taught higher level concepts, but my goal is explain the foundational science to the youngest among us so they can understand the tougher concepts later. 

I look forward to meeting with them again.  So much to cover!

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