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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Girls and Computer Science

This is a great article about the abilities and opportunities for all children, but it emphasizes once again the challenge we have getting girls engaged in STEM fields.  No pun intended.  I remember years ago I attended a challenging 2 week computer science camp while still in high school, and we were all exposed to a new world of languages and programming.  This was in the late 80's, so I came back to my school with skills that served me well, along with college credit in COMP 143.   I would sit in our basic computer class as a Senior and write code for all the other students...good ol' Pascal.

I love that this article mentions the CSI effect.  My school is famous!  :)  I met a girl today who has a double major from UI in fire ecology and forestry management, and is still taking classes for fun and further training.   In my visit with her, I was immediately impressed with her.  Probably because my friend Bill told me she is awesome so she must be!  Girls, get out there and find your passion!

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