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Thursday, January 9, 2014

ISU Science Methods

I have been really busy this semester, but when I was given the opportunity to teach an additional class for ISU on the CSI campus in Twin Falls, I jumped at the chance.  It is an elementary ed science methods class for pre-service teachers just about ready to student teach.  The class is small, but full of characters! 

I will spend a few posts talking about this experience, sharing what we are learning together, and my reaction to elementary education in general.  But today, I will just post our activity when we discussed how to bring science into holidays and themes and down time. 

A few years ago, I was a parent helper for a Halloween party.  I was in charge of the "game."  Well, I thought a science experiment would fit well with the theme, so I brought cow eyeballs to the school, with teacher and principal permission, and we dissected them.  Great party I thought.  Kids, too.  But the other parent who was there, not a fan! 

Here are a few of my students dissecting eyeballs in our class.  We had some fluid escape a few times.  Good times!

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