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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pi Day and Albert Einstein Birthday!

This is a  little late, but I did my part on Friday and celebrated Pi day with my staff.  Of course, that means we had Pie for a mid-afternoon snack.

This reminded me of a favorite website that I used a lot when I was a substitute teacher.  It was a site that calendered holidays and anniversaries of inventions and discoveries.  Any given day I could share a story of a scientist and we could talk about the impact of their inventions on our daily lives.  That is when the history of science comes alive to students today.  When we ask them, "Where are we now because of ..." and "How has your life improved because of..." they can understand the relevance of discovery.

Actually, I found another site that brought back great memories!!  The Pacific Science Center in Seattle is awesome, and I have enjoyed visiting it on several occasions.  The first trip was during a DOE internship during the summer of 1988.  We spent the night in the museum and had a great time!!  There was one student from each state, and somehow I was chosen as "Miss Texas."  OK..."Miss Science Texas."  That was a great 2 week experience as we traveled the state visiting research sites and doing lab work with scientists.   I would love to track down a few of my friends I met, but I did find one... he is now a Biology professor and researcher in New Hampshire.  We had a fun connection because we both lived in Connecticut when we were young, and we knew the same people.  The world can be so small sometimes.

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