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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Questing at City of Rocks and Castle Rocks State Park

This week I was fortunate to spend a day with CSI colleagues on a retreat.  Part of the day was spent at the special Castle Rocks State Park near Almo, Idaho.  It was a beautiful day!  We hiked along these towering rocks and looked at the tiniest flowers.   My friend Elaine hikes a lot throughout southern Idaho, and she had spent the last weekend at nearby City of Rocks looking for the elusive Steer's Head wildflower.    Thanks to the guidance of Park naturalist, Wallace Keck, she found the special flower on her next trip.  She was so excited and I thought it was cool that she let us all know about her success. 

There is something very real about connecting with nature.  We were all very happy to be out of our offices and spending time together outside.  Our first visit of the day was to Robert Moore's studio in Declo, ID.    He is a very accomplished oil painter right in our little town.  He spoke to us about the power of our individual creative abilities, and that we need to sow the seeds in our students by exposing them to beauty and inspiring art.  

It was just a great DAY!!

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