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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So much happening in STEM!

My head is spinning with all the opportunities out there.  Last night I toured a local milk facility that makes powdered milk from local dairies, and I am never going to look at milk the same way again.  We take so much for granted when it comes to our food supply!  I was visiting with my son's robotics team so they could learn about food safety.  Their competition is THIS Saturday at the Herrett Center at CSI.  So much to do!

Also, I spent the day at the Junior High with the best 6th graders in Idaho.  I have known some of these kids since preschool, and we have a lot of fun doing science experiments.  It was their first time with the black box, and it went really well.  ( I will post pix tomorrow!)

Finally, I started an online course through Georgia Tech today.  I applied in the summer after I got an email from NEON, and I am excited to communicate with teachers all over the country about online education.  This course is free, and I am earning 2 credits if I am successful with all the requirements.   So teachers, keep an eye out for these kinds of classes, because they can really help us stay up on technology.

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