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Monday, May 7, 2012

4th Graders explore the Discovery Center of Idaho

Friday was a long wonderful day for our lucky 4th graders.  Field trips are getting harder to pull off, and in our case, the PTO pays for the whole thing, which sounds great.  But the flip side is that it is so expensive to take this one meaningful trip to Boise, that the other grades don't get field trips now.  That is a discussion for another post or audience, but I will always vote for field trips because they allow kids to have a special experience with their peers.  Last fall, I helped the teachers submit an application for the Target Field Trip Grant, and we were awarded $700 to use for this trip.   I wrote the grant specifically so we could afford to visit the Discovery Center of Idaho, the interactive Science Museum in Boise, so we were all thrilled to learn that our admission was covered thanks to a separate gift to DCI from the Scentsy Company.  All Title 1 schools in Idaho can attend free this year.  So we had a great day visiting the History Museum, which has a lot of information about Lewis and Clark, the State Capitol, and DCI.  I am grateful for all the work the teachers do to make these activities worthwhile.  80 kids from Declo will not soon forget their trip to the Big City!

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