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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

STEM and the BSA

This was a great article in Scouting Magazine this month.  Even though Dr. Harris is the STEM Nova spokesman for BSA, his message applies to all of us who are working hard to inspire students and support educators at all levels.  Our communities will be stronger and our workforce will be more prepared as we "do hard things!"

I have been involved in BSA my whole life, since I was raised with all brothers.  I have been a merit badge counselor for years, and I love working with Cub Scout Day Camp each year teaching science.    My husband is a dedicated scoutmaster.  There are amazing people in every community that volunteer with not just BSA programs, but Boys and Girls Clubs, the Girl Scouts, and other youth programs.  As adults, we are meant to use our skill sets to benefit our communities and the youth that we interact with.  I really enjoyed this interview with Dr. Harris.

Here is how one region exposes hundreds of scouters to STEM- related merit badges and careers.  We can do this just as easily here in the Magic MIT needed!

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