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Saturday, April 5, 2014

What is Science?

Yesterday I was reminded of several things.   First,  technology had made this world very small.  A HS classmate of mine from TX posted a cute video clip of a dad singing with his daughter.   Well,  I told her that he was the brother of my daughter's ballet teacher.     But the blog worthy part of that story is that he is also the first winner, in 2012, of a science challenge that asked scientists to explain complex topics to 11 year Olds.   The children actually voted on the submissions, and Ben Ames, singing dad and doctoral student at University of Innsbrook,  won by explaining best "What is a Flame."

This year the question is "What is color?"  The submissions are in and children all over the world have been asked to judge.   This is such a cool idea!
  Thanks Alan Alda!

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