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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lego Scientists!

We are a family that loves Legos.  We have plastic tubs full of all kinds of sets and sizes.  Our sons have their favorites still built on their shelves, even though they are 19, 17, and 13.  I use Brick Labs in my science outreach visits and camps.  We have been to Legoland twice in California, and when Don and I visited Denmark a few years ago, we contemplated getting to the original birthplace of Legos in Billund.  We even like the Lego Movie because Everything really is awesome and Will Ferrell is a favorite.

So it is fun to see their attempt to bring recognition to scientists that may actually be female.  Read the Scientific American article that makes some good points as we move forward.  Legos celebrate imagination, teamwork, and innovation.

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