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Thursday, July 2, 2015

CSI Science Camp Partnerships

This post will highlight the great partners that come out of the woodwork to help these kids have a positive experience.   We actually ran out of time this year to use all the volunteers in Burley, but we hope to get them involved in the Twin Falls camp later this summer. 

We had visits from the Burley Fire Department, ISU and Dr. Shropshire, Lynn Manning with his candy cannon, and Dale Dayley who taught us about fiber optics.  During the teacher training, we had Rob Mayer teach us about phonograph construction, John McClusky teach us about medical illustration, and Bettina Throckmorton helped us find our artistic side. 

I am so grateful we have talented and willing people in Mini-Cassia!

Burley Fire Department came for our favorite activity...Save Mr. Egg!
Dale Dayley presents to teachers and students about Fiber Optics

John McClusky presents on his work as a medical illustrator
Rob Mayer teachers about how to build a working phonogrpah with school supplies~!

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