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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pomerelle Star Party and Christ's Indian Paintbrush

We decided to make this date night and we weren't disappointed!   Chris Anderson from the CSI Herrett Center gave a great presentation on astronomy and celestial events!   While the sun was setting,  we could see clear shots of the crescent moon and Venus.  Then Don and I decided to drive up to the summit of Mt. Harrison and see the wildflowers in bloom.  Christ's Indian Paintbrush (rhymes with mist) is only found on 200 acres on this mountain.   It is beautiful!   Now back to Pommy to gaze at more stars!  So glad we came!
Saturn really has rings,  a dragon's tail is found between the Big and Little Dippers, the Garnet star is the most red star we can see with our naked eyes, and light years are mind blowing!

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