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Friday, December 2, 2011

Burley Junior High Science and Invention Fair

Last night BJHS showed their commitment to STEM by hosting a Science and Invention Fair, combined with CO2 racing cars built by students, and a friendly FLL Robitics Competition.  Thanks to Reda and Rick and all the science teachers at BJHS for your dedication to STEM and your students.  It was a great night!

Members from 3 FLL Robotics teams ready to compete

Michael making last minute modifications

The helium-filled remote controlled shark watches over the projects!

                                         Real life angry birds~too funny~
The egg cracking and cooking machine

My kids making Rocket Racers

CO2 Race Cars, designed and built by BJHS students

Members of the Rupert team make a plan

Go RoboSpuds!  Girl Power~

FLL Robotics teams from Declo, Minidoka, and BJHS

The Marshmallow Grinder...just for fun, the student said!

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