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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cassia Regional Tech Center Open House

On Thursday afternoon, the Tech Center in Burley is hosting an Open House for parents and students of Mini-Cassia.  From 4-7 PM, the teachers will be on hand to show off all the programs available to Juniors and Seniors in our District. Whether your student wants to learn CADD (like my son is doing right now...and earning 16 college credits as a result) or get training in EMT, CNA, Construction, Electronics, Graphic Design, IT,  Auto Mechanics, or Automated Manufacturing, this is a great resource for our community. 

I attended a field trip with the 8th graders last Friday, and I was reminded how awesome that Center is for our students.  Students have to plan for these classes, since they take the place of 2 classes in a regular school day, but it has been totally worth it for my son.  It is a great way to get more "T" in a STEM education.

The Electronics Class builds VEX Robots

The Automated Manufacturing class designs and builds cool stuff!

EMT Basic students practice on a lucky 8th grader

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