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Monday, February 20, 2012

Great STEM images

As I think about the iSTEM theme of Integration meets Innovation, I realize that these STEM topics do not stand alone.  Since we focus on reading, writing, and math in the elementary grades, then we need to bring the S and the T and the E to that level as well.  Science connections come easily to me, but my friend made a good point the other day about Technology.  Since some classrooms don't have advanced tools for learning, she reminded me that even basic tools like rulers and balances can be considered technology.  We need to expand our definitions of STEM so that we don't feel restricted by what "new toys" we can afford for our classrooms.  Engineering seems daunting, but that is just applied math and science to solve problems, and kids do that all the time on the playground!  So here are 2 images that I have collected recently to remind me to connect the dots.

The link to this image is
You can download the PDF file of this graphic

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  1. I will keep looking for a sharper image of the STEM and Planet graphic because it is really good. I borrowed it from the Idaho PLT facebook page, so check that out for lots of good information!