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Monday, February 6, 2012

UPDATED: Cassia Science Fair Links

Science Fair season is here in the Mini-Cassia area.  I will publish a series of posts focused on helping students, parents, and teachers with the projects that are being assigned at a number of elementary schools.

OK...all you need is to get some ideas.  There are places on that site for parents, teachers, and even students to explore.  For older students, you can "Ask an Expert" and get advice from practicing scientists.  Awesome!

Another favorite site is, and when you go there, they have another great resource available.  More links!

Another favorite...ZOOM on PBS kids

There are almost too many places to search for ideas, so my advice is to follow the packet that will be passed out to students, and choose a topic that they love.  Then look for ideas.  Remember the goal is to have fun learning something new by doing an experiment.  Science fair projects are NOT reports, but the more you know about your topic, the better your experiment will be.  Good luck!!

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