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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Updated: Declo Science Fair with newspaper article

Wow!!  Where do I start?  The 4th and 5th grade students did such a great job on their projects.  The projects were creative and relevant, and the kids all worked hard to follow the scientific method to answer their questions.   Teachers, Staff, and Parents were supportive and proud, and the PTO volunteers were absolutely critical to the success of the Science Fair.  We had 130 projects displayed, and 8 local judges visited over 2 days to read and score all the projects.  The overall winners in 4th and 5th grade won a trip to Science Camp, and the fee was paid for by a generous donation by a parent who contacted me out of the blue to see how they could help.
There were teachers' choice winners and Honorable Mentions.  There were winners in Plant Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Health and Nutrition, Animals, and Scientific Method.  But there were so many great projects...I am grateful I didn't have to judge.  Way too hard!

I am so thankful for the support I received from all my friends and teachers to make this such a positive experience for the students.  Just imagine what we will see next year!

5th Grade Winner, Brinley, did a fabulous experiment with her dog.  The judges were impressed with her research and procedure.  She interviewed a dog trainer to make sure her methods would be effective.  Great job!!

This 5th grade student did his project on rockets and could not wait to launch his rocket for the class.  But the wind took it much farther than he expected...and we are still looking for it!  :(

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