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Thursday, April 5, 2012

EPSCoR Conference in Sun Valley

What a busy and informative day I had in Sun Valley yesterday.  I attended meetings and poster presentations for the EPSCoR Tri-State Consortium annual conference.  This is a collection of research scientists and institution professors that work to create a stronger environment for research in Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico.

What is EPSCoR and why is it so great for Idaho?  First, it stands for Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.  The theme of the Tri-State Consortium is Water and Climate Education, and it is based on science issues that are critical to our local economies.  So the researchers receiving funding from this program are all tackling some piece of the theme.

I am just scratching the surface, but the program is responsible for funding and providing materials, cyber-infrastructure, and training for all levels of students in Idaho and beyond.  EPSCoR is a NSF program, and the money and services provided by EPSCoR have helped state institutions as well as informal centers like MOSS. 

I had good discussions with several scientists that want to help CSI students get involved in research across the state.  Since community college students don't get exposed to faculty who are focused on research, some partnerships would really benefit my students.  I look forward to continuing the conversartion that leads to my summer school students getting some field experience.  Exciting day!!

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