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Friday, June 8, 2012

KMVT Rise and Shine Interview for Science Camp

I was thrilled...ok not so not thrilled at 5:30 AM when I had to leave my visit the Rise and Shine Morning show on KMVT.  I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about Space camp, the exciting opportunities in STEM, but most importantly, how CSI Community Ed provides a lot of great classes and camps this summer.  I just happen to think that Science Camp is one of the best!  So here is the interview, and no cameraman was injured in the filming of this clip.  In fact, the big rocket launcher that I brought to show didn't even make it in the shot...he must have been warned that if I (or Nick) had the chance to shoot something off, then he was in danger!

I have a good start with registered campers, but there is still room in all of the sessions.  Sign up your kids next week!

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