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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CSI Education courses for teachers and parents...anyone need to recertify??

Dr. Dave Makings in the Education Department has several interesting classes available for Fall 2011.  One is Educ 215 Educational Teachnology.  I know I need this class!  Here is the information on the other one, called Issues in Education.  (Ed 199B - 3 credits)  Our system will only impove if we get parents, teachers, and administrators at the same table!

College of Southern Idaho
EDUC 199B  Issues in Education 
3 credits
Dr. Dave Makings  732 6866

The class is offered online.  However, we could develop a hybrid course if 12 or more local folks want to set up a few Face 2 Face meetings.  This course is primarily a participation based course.  This is a chance to share your ideas and frustrations, and maybe even vent a little.  Below is a list of the issues on tap for this semester.  Remember, we can add to or substitute other issues based on participant wishes.

This class is open to, and will be of interest to parents, patrons as well as teachers.

Education funding:  Contents include a brief background or history, some solutions or alternatives, how is this interacting with some of the other issues (choice, technology etc.) and extracurricular activities; pay to participate or offer even more in order to attract additional students. 

STEM: What is it and how to teach it:  This is a short introduction to and overview of a 3 credit course by the same name as well as the concepts of STEM.  Discussion to include guest presentations by other CSI faculty involved in some of the various STEM related activities.

Role of community college specifically CSI:  Pre service as well as in service teachers, professional development, dual credit, offering college courses in the high schools, field experience students, working with alternative certification agencies.  What can CSI do for you?

The looming teacher shortage?:  Attracting people into teacher education programs.  The colleges of teacher education are blamed for not attracting the best and brightest.  What, if anything, can we do?  Alternative certification; Teach for America, ABCTE etc.  The role and impact of the “Boomers”; they can’t afford to retire, teaching pays poorly but hey, in the right circumstances it could be fun and the schedule is nice.

Sustainability:  Given all these factors and the synergistic relationship between technology and social changes what may “education” or teaching look like in the future and what should we be teaching?  Another part of sustainability; what should we be teaching what kinds of jobs will be out there for the graduates of K-16

Teachable moments
During the semester “big news” items or significant local issues will come up.  We will incorporate a couple of these into the class. 

If you have any questions or want to set up a F2F section please contact me.

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