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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Trip down Memory Trail

I had the opportunity to visit my High School here in Texas this week.  My goal was to meet the Science Department Chair and Ecology Center Director, Deanna Showalter, so I could visit my old stomping grounds behind the school.  Once upon a time, in 1988-89, my Science teacher and mentor, Sherri Steward, decided we needed an Ecology Center.  Hundreds of hours and several poison ivy outbreaks later, we dedicated the center with the help of Dr. Jane Goodall in April 1989.  Since then (22 years!???) the center has grown and continues to provide an area for environmental education at GHS.  So I was very excited to take my kids to see how the center was doing.  Thanks to Deanna for all her work, since taking over the Center after Sherri's retirement.  I am grateful for passionate teachers everywhere who do all the extraordinary things that provide lifelong lessons for their students.

Small mammal habitat with the resident possum

I can still remember the hours we took to dig out the pond...wonderful volunteers still help with maintanence and expansion.

Oldest "Mustang Grapevine" in the area

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