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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Smokejumper Experience at West Yellowstone

On our next visit to Island Park, West Yellowstone, and YNP (hopefully this weekend!) we are going to check out this activity.  It is a free 2 hour program for kids to learn about smokejumpers, fire ecology, and Yellowstone.  I have attached a link to their website.  Our youngest 2 kids will also finish their Junior Ranger activities by going to a Ranger talk in the Park.  So I have my fingers crossed that we can get there soon!

Get outside this weekend!   Don and his scout troop just hiked up Cache Peak last Saturday and the views were amazing!  I will post a picture soon.

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  1. The smokejumper activity is every morning except Sundays at 9 AM through Sept 30. We didn't get there at the right time, but my kids did earn their Junior Ranger Badges. Now they are working on their Junior Scientist badges. Always something new to learn in YNP.