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Saturday, August 27, 2011

New Semester of Science!

I have just returned from a Black Box delivery run to Eastern Idaho.  Teachers from the 2011 iSTEM Conference at CSI now have a great tool to teach the Scientific Method.  Another teacher from the 2010 iSTEM meetings is using the student build models for the second year.  Her students loved the acitivity and she is excited to bring it back.  Of course I started my semester this week with the Black Box Experiment, and one of my students has emailed me a picture of the box he built at home to test his ideas.  This reinforces the idea to me that students of all ages are curious about how things work, and they appreciate the opportunity to figure things out without looking up the answers that may exist online!  To all the teachers I worked with this summer, HAVE A GREAT YEAR!  You are so valuable to our communities!  I will continue to share resources and activities with you.  I am gonna love my CSI classes, and I can't wait to get into my kids' classrooms.  So here we GO!

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