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Friday, October 7, 2011

Earth Science Week

More news from ISTA...October 9-14 is Earth Science Week sponsored by the American Geological Institute.  All attendees were given a big packet of info about Earth Science, and I will highlight a few of the special days next week. 

But today I will just mention the contests associated with the topic of "Our Ever-Changing Earth."  For students in grades K-5, there is a drawing contest.  For students 6-9, there is an essay contest, and for everyone there is a photo contest.  Check out their website for details and look for a few more ideas next week.

In Idaho, we have a lot of geology to appreciate and enjoy.  I attended a workshop yesterday about Bats in Idaho, and I was reminded how critical our bats are for pest control and pollination.  So if you find a great cave...respect the BATS!

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