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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Semester is HERE!

As I start classes today, I am ready for a fresh start.  I am slowly trying to incorporate new technology into my classroom.  I am using iClickers this semester, and I might even change my online interface to chapter modules instead of categories, so that all my links and materials are in one place for each chapter. 

Every teacher has favorite resources and activities, and my list gets longer every semester.  But I am ready to share a great  This great teacher, Paul Andersen, teaches science in Montana, and was recognized as Teacher of the Year from that state.  His science podcasts are succinct and easy to follow for the students.  But I am enjoying his video logs that he posts directed at teachers and others.  This particular vlog is a summary of his year as Teacher of the Year;  what he learned and enjoyed and realized about the experience.  I think it is a great message for teachers of all subjects, and he is a great resource for science teachers and students throughout the world.  Enjoy!  If only my blog had 12,000 hits a week!  WOW!!!

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