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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Today in Science History

As we start the new year, I think it is always fun to remember the great men and women who came before us to question, discover, and inspire the scientists and science educators of today.  We know their names from the textbooks, but we can learn so much from these great people by knowing their stories.  I came across this website today, and I wanted to share.

The opening picture reminds me of a photo making the rounds on Facebook.  It shows a collage of scientists and great thinkers on the left of the image, and a reality star on the right.  The caption reads something like, "If you can't name the people on the left, but you know who this is...Congratulations, you are what is wrong with this country."  Thankfully, I could name almost all of the scientists, and I have never seen the reality show that the person on the right is known for.  But we can all do better to celebrate the people whom we owe so much.

Today is Stephen Hawking's birthday, and also Alfred Russel Wallace.  Have fun exploring the site!

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