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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outreach at Dworshak Elementary

I had a good time with 2nd Graders today.  We started with water experiments, and moved on to other fun liquids like vinegar, oil, and corn syrup.  Of course I showed my lava lamp, and I wanted to show my readers how easy it is to make your own.  Thanks to Mrs. Troxel for the invitation, and I hope the teachers check my blog for fun ideas and teacher resources.

Science Mom Lava Lamp
clear 2 liter bottle, cleaned
vegetable oil
colored water
alka-selzer tablets

Fill the bottle one-third full of the water, then the rest with oil.  The oil is lighter (less dense) so it will float on top of the water...even if you put the oil in first.
Put an alka selzer tablet in the bottle, and keep the lid off.  The bubbles will carry the colored water to the top of the oil, pop, then the water drops back down. 
That's it!  It is a great way to discuss density, chemical reactions, gases, and how to change a demonstration into a science fair project.  Test different types of liquids or oils to see if the bubbles change!

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