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Monday, March 19, 2012

Animal Migrations on Idaho PTV D4K

It is time again for Joan's Discovery 4 Kids, and tomorrow's episode is about animal migrations.  This topic has interested me lately, especially since learning about a great website called Journey North.  There are awesome resources for classes to use on this site, and they follow a variety of plants and animals in some fun ways.  Students can see how far whales and butterflies travel,but they can also submit data about tulips, for instance,  to see how different regions of the country prepare for Spring.  Enjoy the show tomorrow on Idaho PTV, and check out Journey North.  I can't wait to play Mystery Class with students next year!

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  1. Did you see Journey North's new app?
    You can post from the field and even include pictures!

    Glad you are enjoying Journey North.
    We met at the IdEEA conference and I'd like to talk to you about your ideas for outdoor classrooms.

    Please email me through my Moodle page if you still have the bookmark.